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Player:After getting used to the Judgement Window and learning how to cram everything into it, I am still glad to see it go.

Community Manager Ythisens:Same honestly. I think it was fun and different but I'm very excited to see how BfA Ret goes.

I'm super happy as well that Crusade right now is not looking to be the go to talent as I wasn't a fan of the Crusade burst window. It was fun seeing the numbers but I'm happy overall to see other options in that talent row like Inquisition become more viable when you're looking at sustained damage versus burst.

Retribution was very strong in Legion however the BfA changes have the ability to smooth out our weak spots and make things like Crusade not look so dominant and open up playstyles we haven't had in awhile and I very much welcome that.

Player:I agree that having Crusade be the only viable talent for Ret the entire expansion was not fun but bringing back Inquisition is not much better in my mind.

Community Manager Ythisens:I would definitely agree with you back then. Inquisition when it was forced into the only play-style didn't feel great if you didn't like juggling the upkeep. However it being optional as a talent I feel is a great solution for something that works as that sustain option versus burst or a proc. I hope the balancing is close enough to where you can opt for it or the other two and time will tell in that regard.

Player:People complaining about the judgment window just don't have enough gear. There's only a 1 to 2 second period where judgment debuff is not up which you can spend building holy power until you judge again.

Community Manager Ythisens:Its not the difficulty or the time, its just that it didn't feel unique or particularly fun. It was just there and there wasn't a lot of separation between it and the identity of what Colossus Smash was. Obviously they were different spells but I think it did have the feel of Arms in a slight regard.





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